YouTube Music ‘Cast to device’ redesign spotted in testing

What you need to know

  • Users on Reddit spotted a redesign as YouTube Music is testing for its “Cast to device” menu.
  • The test sees the menu changing to a small window that springs up from the bottom of the UI with “Suggested” and “Other devices” listed.
  • The changes also alter how users interact with a casted device, only delivering a volume slider and no other media controls.

YouTube is beginning to test a redesign for the casting experience users find on its music platform.

As spotted by a user on Reddit, YouTube Music is working on ditching the old pop-up window for “Cast to device” in favor of a new sub-menu (via 9to5Google). The new “sheet” offers users a selection of “Suggested” devices to begin casting music. Following that are a few more options under “Other devices,” which appear to include any connected smart home devices with a speaker.

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