The Galaxy S24 has a ‘grainy’ display problem we haven’t seen in years

What you need to know

  • Users have started reporting a “grainy” appearance on the display of the Galaxy S24 series when viewing a dark background.
  • Another batch of reports sees users spotting odd horizontal bars across their display when viewing something of a “consistent color” at low brightness.
  • For the grain issue, this could be a display occurrence known as “mura,” which means the panel’s pixels are struggling to retain the same level of brightness.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 is reportedly still facing problems with its display as users start noticing odd flaws.

Several users on Reddit are reporting weird “grainy” problems with the Galaxy S24’s display (via Android Police). The first thread involves users questioning if others have noticed any grain on the S24’s display when viewing an app or anything else with a dark background. Users who participated in the poll say they saw this problem on the S24 Plus, S24, and S24 Ultra.

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