Square Enix Teases Crossover Event for Ever Crisis and FF7 Rebirth

Square Enix’s undying love for the Final Fantasy 7 franchise knows no bounds – after all, the first-ever 3D Final Fantasy entry on the original PlayStation was partly responsible for a lot of the popularity that the series enjoyed in the years since, and has spawned countless spinoff games, media, and more.

With that being said, Square Enix recently posted a teaser trailer pointing to a crossover event between Ever Crisis – a mobile FF7 spinoff – and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is part of the massive remake of the original game. The trailer shows a quick glance at series antagonist Sephiroth, although not much else was shown in the video.

While FF7 Rebirth is a much-awaited AAA console title, Square Enix has leaned towards a “freemium” pricing structure for Ever Crisis, which means micro-transactions and in-app purchases. With that being said, the game is free, and players can try it out to see if the Ever Crisis’ monetization policies aren’t too much of a distraction to interfere with the actual gameplay and story.

Going back to the teaser, fans will have to stay tuned on February 15 for more updates on the crossover event, once Square Enix releases more details. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on February 29 for the PlayStation 5.

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