Samsung may add a ‘vividness’ slider to fix washed out Galaxy S24 displays

What you need to know

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 series owners have been dissatisfied with the Vivid color profile, saying that it looks the same as the Natural option.
  • According to leaker Ice Universe, Samsung is planning to fix the problem with a new “vividness” slider.
  • The new slider would give Galaxy S24 owners more precise control over their display’s color.

Samsung released its new Galaxy S24 lineup last month, and it has been generally praised by users. That’s especially true of the Galaxy S24 Ultra model, which might have the best set of features of any smartphone on the market. But the entire series has been plagued by an issue affecting the display’s color, specifically compared to older models. 

The company might be gearing up to release a fix for a problem that has frustrated Galaxy S24 buyers. Samsung phones have two color options for the display that can be toggled on or off in settings. There’s the Natural color profile, which is more lifelike. Then, users can choose to switch to the Vivid color mode instead, and this has more vibrance and pop to it. 

One user, u/Doo-StealYour-HoChoi on Reddit, posted a comparison shortly after the phones launched of the Vivid color mode on a Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As you can see below, the Natural and Vivid profiles look virtually identical, and it’s causing a stir. 

(Image credit: Doo-StealYour-HoChoi / Reddit)

However, according to reputable leaker Ice Universe on X, Samsung might be releasing a fix soon. The post includes a screenshot of a new vividness slider that would give users more control over their display’s color and vibrance.

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