Samsung is apparently not honoring Galaxy S24 Ultra warranty requests

Some Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra owners are discovering that their devices have display issues. This manifested itself in the form of a green line running down the screen. Unfortunately for some owners, it seems that Samsung isn’t honoring warranty requests for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In a post on the Samsung Community Forum, user Qu1JcMmaCO says that they reached out to Samsung Care+. They were told that this is a manufacturing defect. It sounds pretty cut and dry, right? It turns out that despite Samsung admitting it is a defect, Samsung will not be giving them a new Galaxy S24 Ultra unit or honor the warranty.

Instead, they told the customer that they would have to return the handset and make a new purchase. This would result in the loss of pre-order bonuses. When the customer complained, they were told to call T-Mobile where they bought the device from. This isn’t an isolated incident either.

Another post on Reddit, the user claims they experienced the same defect and apparently Samsung wouldn’t take responsibility for it. Instead, they were told it was a “Verizon issue” who apparently did everything they could to get out of it. Oddly enough, the complaints seem to come from those who purchased the phone through a US carrier.

We’re not sure why buying it through a carrier could result in this issue, but if you bought it unlocked or you’re from another country, you should be fine.

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