Russia’s selection and the prospect of wars in Ukraine

In this article, we will talk about where the current crisis in Ukraine is taking it and what selections Russia is facing at the moment, and what the potential for diplomatic efforts is at the moment.

past four months, a large-scale Russian military operation near the Ukrainian border has been a force to be reckoned with. And Ukraine’s future decision is to accept Russia’s right and by doing so, the crisis of Karim is taking it to which side. The timing of the rains does not look like snow but is part of a comprehensive strategy, including military exercises by Belarus. In addition to the severe shortage of gas reserves in Europe at the moment, according to Time Gen Intelligence, Russia prefers a coup plan at the moment. None of this happened during Russia’s last construction in March-April 2021.

Russia’s president has never used such coercive force at all before. Ukraine in 2014 and Syria in 2015 and they all had the same goal of unexpectedly changing the ground realities and now they are all involved but it is not known why Abu is doing this. Coercion is a last resort. You must know that Russia now insists on talking to the United States about the blessings of Europe rather than separating the United States from the continent. And the United States has responded strongly that it is not necessary and without other police 9 destinations to seek a deal constructively and in close consultation with Europe to disrupt the supply of gas lines by the arts. If needed, we must work together to secure the continent’s energy. On the contrary, it stands in stark contrast to the strongest US diplomacy of the last three years

. In particular, he has reaffirmed his commitment to Ukraine despite these differences. In all these cases, he is safe with Germany. The government is disintegrating on its own. What is

Russia’s authority

Al this is contrary to the rhetoric. Compulsion is still not only working to force the West to shoe, but it has kept its limbs strong. Russia is now responding to the international political environment. Russia now has four options because of the threat posed by the negative:

Putin, number one, has repeatedly miscalculated in Ukraine. A few years ago, Putin held some talks with Ukraine to make it more constructive in 2019 When it comes to relations, the president has made some mistakes in Ukraine since he took office, but Putin has said

that the controversy could be avoided

if the United States agrees to significantly extend its offer. Russia has significantly reduced its demands, prompting a backlash to negotiate a deal to break the ranks of Europe’s major powers and accept an agreement closer to Russia’s tagged condition. Second, if Teuton accepts that the cost of the war’s casualties and financial losses will be a threat to his government, but at the moment none of them are likely to do so. Not visible The result is not visible at all



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