Pixel 8 owners are struggling with lighting in photos due to exposure bug

What you need to know    

  • Pixel 8 owners have reported a camera bug in a Reddit thread and on Google’s Issue Tracker.
  • The issue arises when users try to auto-adjust the exposure of a shot by tapping a focal point in the viewfinder.
  • Google has not issued a fix so far, and rejected the Issue Tracker report as it was not the correct place for the submission.

Google Pixel phones are known for having impressive cameras, but there’s a frustrating bug affecting the latest Pixel 8 series. When users try to adjust the exposure of their camera — often to fix over- or under-exposed scenes — nothing happens. The issue was first discussed on a Reddit thread and then on Google’s Issue Tracker (via Android Police). 

This appears to be a widespread issue affecting many Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users. Replies poured into the Reddit thread confirming the problem, and some users lamented Google’s decision to remove the manual exposure slider in Pixel Camera. Notably, the issue seems to only concern the 1x camera setting. Others, such as 0.5x, 2x, and digital zoom, all appear to have working exposure adjustment.

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