Netflix’s Hit “Kingdom” Series Arrives for Mobile Gaming Platforms Soon

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any updates from the hit Korean horror series Kingdom – after a couple of seasons and a movie, fans are still waiting for a fresh batch of episodes to hit Netflix. With that in mind though, it looks like a spin-off game is set to hit mobile and PC platforms soon, which will hopefully tide fans over for the meantime.

Known as “Kingdom: The Blood,” the game is an action adventure title that’s scheduled to make its debut later this March. The game mostly looks graphically decent, although it’s still a while before we get more impressions from reviews about gameplay and the actual content. There is a trailer that reveals more about the game, as seen here via IGN’s YouTube page:

That being said, the game will be a free-to-play title with in-app transactions, at least for the mobile version. Folks looking to try out Kingdom: The Blood on their smartphones can sign up for the beta on the Google Play Store, which will be available for pre-registration up until March 4. There is a disclaimer however – players should be aware that account and character data will be deleted after the beta phase.

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