Microsoft Copilot’s new update lets you tweak AI-generated images right in chat

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Copilot now boasts a sleeker design on both web and mobile platforms, providing a cleaner and more engaging user interface.
  • The mobile version of Copilot mirrors the desktop changes, including the carousel of prompts and the option to toggle GPT-4 for enhanced results.
  • A new built-in AI feature called Designer allows users to create and edit images directly within Copilot.

Microsoft has released a fresh look for Copilot’s homepage, along with a cool new built-in AI feature for creating and editing images.

Copilot now has a sleeker design on the web and in its mobile apps. Microsoft cleaned up the chatbot’s responses for a better look and feel. Plus, it now shows a carousel of suggested prompts to showcase its capabilities.

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