It Looks Like We’re Getting an Official Xbox Announcement Soon

Just recently, several rumors surrounding the future of the Xbox console line  flooded the internet, spelling doom and gloom for Mirosoft’s flagship gaming product. Predictions ranging from top-tier Xbox IP losing their exclusivity all the way to the downright extinction of the Xbox hardware range were abundant, with Xbox head Phil Spencer finally announcing that all will be explained in a future update from the company.

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With that in mind, it looks like we now have a definite date regarding Spencer’s promised “business update event”, which will reveal Microsoft’s vision for the future of Xbox – the official Xbox social media page posted that an event scheduled for February 15 will be streamed via the Official Xbox Podcast. 


Just recently, sales data from publisher Take Two Interactive suggests that Sony’s widly-popular PlayStation 5 platform outsold the Xbox Series S|X two-to-one in 2023.

Further reports however indicate that Microsoft itself has no plans to exit the console industry – this is according to a supposed internal meeting held last week where it was announced that “Xboxes would continue to be part of a strategy that involves multiple kinds of devices,” as reported by insider Shannon Liao.

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