Google Renames Bard as Gemini and Introduces a Subscription

One year ago, Google entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, powered by the LaMDA model. Now, after transitioning to the more advanced Gemini model in December, the service undergoes a name change to truly reflect its core. Step forward, Gemini!

Google’s Bard Rebrands as Gemini: Unveiling a Versatile AI Assistant

Stepping into the Spotlight:

Gemini Pro 1.0, available in over 230 countries and proficient in 40 languages, takes center stage. Accessible through a web interface and a dedicated app, Gemini caters to diverse user preferences. Its multimodal nature shines, accepting text, voice, image, and even image generation prompts.

Free Trial or Premium Powerhouse?

While a cost-free tier exists, Google unveils Gemini Advanced, fueled by the next-gen Gemini Ultra 1.0. After a complimentary 2-month trial, users can unlock Advanced’s potential for a monthly subscription of $20/€22/£19/₹1,950 – bundled with the Google One AI Premium Plan (including 2TB storage and other benefits). Notably, the standard Google One Premium plan costs $10.

Further integration awaits, as Gemini gears up to empower Gmail, Google Docs, and other services (previously envisioned as “Duet AI”). Currently available in English and 150+ countries, Gemini Advanced’s language coverage will expand over time.

Your Gemini, Your Way:

Also, you can download the Gemini app on Android or iOS (integrated within the Google app). On Android, Gemini seamlessly replaces Google Assistant, activated through familiar methods like “Hey Google” or button presses. This AI companion assists with article summarization, photo captioning, and even retains existing voice control functionalities for tasks like setting timers, making calls, and managing smart home devices.

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A Glimpse into the Future:

With this transition, Google reinforces its AI offerings, presenting a powerful language model and diverse user interactions. While the free tier caters to broader accessibility, the premium option unlocks advanced capabilities for specific needs. As Gemini’s linguistic and application landscape evolves, it promises to become an even more integrated and indispensable AI assistant in our digital lives.

Update changelog

-What: Gemini is the best way to get direct access to Google AI. All the collaborative capabilities you know and love are still here, and will keep getting better in the Gemini era. We’ve also evolved the UI to reduce visual distractions, improve legibility, and simplify the navigation.

– Why: We’re committed to giving everyone direct access to Google AI and, as of this week, every Gemini user across our supported countries and languages has access to Google’s best family of AI models. To better reflect this commitment, we’ve renamed Bard to Gemini.

Try Gemini Advanced to access Google’s most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0

– What: Gemini Advanced gives you access to our most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0. If you want to be one of the first to access Google’s latest AI advancements as they become available, this is for you. With our Ultra 1.0 model, Gemini Advanced is far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration. Plus, Gemini Advanced will continue to expand with new and exclusive features in the coming months, including expanded multi-modal capabilities, even better coding features, as well as the ability to upload and more deeply analyze files, documents, data, and more. Gemini Advanced is a paid plan available in over 150 countries and territoriesOpens in a new window. It is available and optimized only for English with our Ultra 1.0 model, but can respond to queries in other languages that Gemini is available in. Learn moreOpens in a new window

– Why: With Gemini Advanced, you can be one of the first to try our most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0. We’re just getting started and Gemini Advanced will continue to get even better. We invite you to join us on this journey. Upgrade to Gemini Advanced.

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