Google Meet brings Companion Mode to mobile devices

What you need to know

  • Companion Mode is a Google Meet feature that allows in-person meeting attendees to have the same controls as virtual guests.
  • Google first brought Companion Mode to the web and Nest Hub Max, but is now bringing the feature to mobile devices starting today.
  • iOS and Android users will have access to Companion Mode with recent versions of the Meet and Gmail apps.

Starting this week, Google is bringing Companion Mode to iOS and Android after the feature was previously exclusive to the Nest Hub Max and a web client. Companion Mode is designed to help in-person participants use virtual tools in hybrid meetings. 

The feature is intended to be used in large, hybrid meeting situations. These types of setups often include enterprise meeting room hardware, which takes care of things like audio and video for the entire room. However, this hardware doesn’t give in-person attendees access to virtual meeting features like reactions, messages, or hand raising.

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