Android 15 could allow users to archive unused apps

One of the features of iOS is that it allows users to offload or archive apps. This is useful if you have apps that you don’t use anymore but don’t want to completely uninstall it. This frees up space on your phone. Google has a similar feature, but come Android 15, they could introduce the ability to manually archive apps.

The Google Play Store currently has a feature that automatically archives apps that you don’t use that often. The problem with this feature is that it relies on the fact that you download all your apps from the Play Store. For users who sideload, there is no such option. Plus, users don’t get to choose what apps get archived and which don’t.

A report from Android Authority has revealed that Google is working on bringing the archiving feature to an OS level. This means that if you download your apps from the Play Store or sideload them, you’ll have the option to archive it if you want to free up some space on your phone.

Users simply go to the app’s Info page, tap Archive, and they’re done. When they need it again, they can repeat the process but select Restore. This method is much faster than uninstalling and reinstalling an app. Although there’s no official announcement on the release date of this feature, it could be a feature of Android 15.

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